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who we are

Africa Vagabonds is a non-profit association of independent thinkers and journalists dedicated to the relationship between Africa and Europe. We want to generate and exchange knowledge as well as question and enlighten processes and developments and bring people together. Africa Vagabonds stands for this educational and international understanding mission.

Our work focuses on research and research projects as well as educational events, exhibitions and publications, in which we primarily work on primary sources from Africa and Europe. The field of work also includes the communication of techniques and methods of professional, independent scientific and journalistic research. We make the results of our projects available to a broad public. Africa Vagabonds initiates and carries out this work on both continents and in this way also works to reduce stereotypes, ignorance, misconceptions and prejudices.

We are committed exclusively to truthfulness and the common good and work independently. Africa Vagabonds is financed by donations, project funds and grants.

what we work at

Inside the illicit trade in West Africa’s oldest artworks

Mail & Guardian

25 Oct 2020
Outside it has become night. In front of the windows of one of Abuja’s grandest hotels, the pool shines turquoise blue. Finally, the phone rings. It is the hotel’s front desk, announcing a guest.The man who comes into the room, hours late for the scheduled appointment, is named Umaru Potiskum.

The ancient scripts

Süddeutsche Zeitung

21 Sep 2019

Newly found Korans and documents from the defunct kingdom of Kanem-Bornu prove that there are centuries-old written languages in Africa, too.

Ari Awagana’s breath caught in his throat. The Leipzig Africanist stood in the house of Mahamadou Aboubacar, in the town of Zinder in the south of the Republic of Niger and could not quite believe, what he was hearing and holding in his hands. His counterpart, the highest Koranic scholar of the still existing Sultanate of Zinder, handed him over a couple of dusty books…


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